Pyro Pro Fireworks 3

The best fireworks app on the app store is back! The all new Pyro Pro Fireworks 3 is better than ever with all new fireworks and scenery. There are many exciting new modes like live show where you can customize your show and watch the fireworks go. Live music mode plays a musical tone with each launch. Or drag your finger across the screen and watch the fireworks go off in trace mode. And of course, enjoy the beautiful scenery as you watch your fireworks show. Hit the bird and collect 5 eggs for a special surprise! Launch your own show now with Pyro Pro Fireworks 3!

Paddle Baller

Remember when games were simple? Maybe you don’t, but we do and we’re bringing simple back with Paddle Baller! A retro style paddle ball game that couldn’t be easier and more fun to play. Drag your paddle up and down the screen to keep the ball in play as long as possible. Earn coins to buy new paddles. The longer the ball stays in play the crazier things get. Simple, fun, addictive. Enjoy!

Lost Frequency

Using your deep space scanner, you inadvertently make contact with Captain Paul Renzo of The Orion Project. A space explorer of the Allied Space Exploration Cooperative, who is stranded on a foreign world and has lost his crew. His life is on the line and he needs your help! Why is he there? What happened? How will he escape the predicament he is in? Only you can help him navigate the dangers he faces on this foreign planet where he has crashed. You choose the adventure he will have. Play the game over and over picking new paths each time, you never know where Captain Renzo will end up.

Wordy Pop Word Search

Taking word search to a whole new level! This innovative new style of finding words has never been more fun! Absolutely no in-app purchase or ads to deal with. Purchase once and enjoy forever with many planned updates coming in the future! Play a classic game of word search or try an adventure where you’ll have to solve challenging puzzles that will put your word skills to the test. Customize your game play with backgrounds and fun sounds. Can’t find a word? No problem, with a simple tap, Wordy Bot is there to help. You’ve played word search but never one like this. A must have for any casual game lover!